The ‘Postman’ Weight Loss Plan!


This article is aimed at those of you who have a weight problem and want to lose weight. I know what it feels like to struggle with a weight issue having tried countless diets and weight loss plans. Like so many people I have always preferred the flavours and the comfort of the wrong types of food; food that is packed with calories I would never burn off.

The foods I should have been eating never really appealed to me, vegetables, fruit, salads, pasta I just could not enjoy eating them opting for the old pizzas, burgers, currys and chips. The problem with being a teenager who wants to be accepted is that you do things that are not very good for your health, smoking is one of them but hanging out at fast food joints and drinking alcohol are the two that really have a negative affect on your weight, needless to say by the time I was a young adult I had a bad weight problem and who suffered severely with low self-esteem and confidence issues.

It was at this time I, like so many others, made a conscious decision to begin to try and lose some weight, and I began looking into diets and weight loss programs of which there seemed to be thousands. I tried one after the other but soon got fed up of the lack of taste and flavor of low fat foods and living on milk shakes wasn’t really my idea of dieting heaven. Just when I had reached the point where I was thinking that there was nothing I could do about my weight because dieting just did not work for me, I noticed our postman walking up our drive, I used to go school with him and like me he used to carry quite a bit of weight, but amazingly he was now quite slim. I called him over and chatted eventually plucking up enough courage to ask how he managed to slim down so much.

He told me he was as I remembered him when he started his postman job a couple of years previously, but all the walking and carrying of delivery bags had caused him to lose all this weight, he had not gone on any diet as such and because he was working early mornings had pretty much given up alcohol on work nights.

The answer was as plain as the day is long, exercise. I can still eat normally, not to excess, but normally and exercise regularly and I will start to lose weight. It was amazing once I started, my weight started to come down quite quickly at first and I actually felt less hungry and more thirsty especially after exercise and I always quenched my thirst with water. This in turn made me feel a whole lot healthier and happier with myself so I actually felt compelled to drink less alcohol also. I am pleased to report that I am currently really pleased with my weight and have even been eaten healthy foods for the last twelve months that has contributed to my weight loss even further.

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